Choose Your Paradise at Kiwi Joker123 Slot Casino

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Kiwi Casino is following up their highly successful Adventure Getaway giveaway with another special offer for players. Kiwi’s Choose Your Paradise Escape Competition, which begins tomorrow (July 20), offers one lucky player and a companion the chance to win an exciting holiday in New Zealand.

The contest winner will be able to choose from three paradise escapes: Spa Decadence, Adrenaline Heaven, and South Seas Cruising.

The Spa Decadence escape is a weeklong stay at the Hanmer Springs thermal resort on New Zealand’s South Island. The lucky guests will be able to relax in the thermal pools and receive special beauty treatments at the spa.

Evening activities can include trips to the city of Christchurch, where the winners can gamble at Christchurch Casino or stroll through the city’s beautiful downtown gardens. This getaway package also includes a car rental.

The Adrenaline Heaven package offers a slightly different type of Kiwi holiday, and as it sounds, this isn’t for the faint of heart. The adventure tour begins in Queenstown, which is also on the South Island. Queenstown is known at the adventure capital of New Zealand, so this is a fitting starting point for the Adrenaline Heaven holiday.

Contestants who chose this holiday will stay at Joker123 Slot Gardens Park Royal, one of the city’s premier hotels, before they take off for their adventures. Activities will include a jet-boat ride on the Shotover Jet, a 440″ bungy jump from The Nevis Highwire, a helicopter flight of the area, and a whitewater rafting trip down the Shotover River.

The final treat in this adventure is a five-course meal at the Skyline Restaurant, located in the hills above Queenstown.

The final getaway option is a little more sedate. The South Seas Cruise offers two days of cruising around world-famous Milford Sound. The ship anchors in Harrison Cove during the evening, and people have the opportunity to explore the scenic coastline in kayaks.

Guests will stay at The Gardens Park Royal Hotel when they return to shore, and will have a chance to tour the region’s wineries, play a little golf, and try their hand at fly-fishing in local rivers. The package also includes the choice of either a helicopter trip or car rental.

All players need to do to enter the Choose Your Paradise contest is place a bet at Kiwi Casino. Every $10 wagered puts them into the draw to win, and the more players wager, the better their odds of winning. The lucky winner will be drawn October 15, 2001.


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