A Different Restatement: Countrywide Financial


Countrywide Financial filed an 8-K this morning for the purpose of informing investors not to rely on their 2004 interim financial statements. And thankfully (for those who are interested in these kinds of things), it had nothing to do with the lease treatment of crypto Custodian loan offices. This non-reliance notice revolved on Countrywide’s gains recognized in connection with securitizations.

Nothing terribly conspiratorial; nothing like bogus default rate assumed or silly prepayment assumptions. An excerpt here, with a little interpretation, might be helpful to explain what happened and why restatement was needed:

“Throughout 2004, Countrywide created certain mortgage-backed securities which were underwritten by the Company’s affiliate, Countrywide Securities Corporation (“CSC”). These securities contained embedded derivatives designed to protect rated security holders from extreme changes in short-term interest rates and/or to enhance the credit rating of the securities. At the end of each quarter in 2004, a small amount of these securities had not yet been sold by CSC. The securities held at each quarter end during the year ranged from 0.1 percent to 2.2 percent of the principal balance of the related loans securitized. In all cases, the remaining securities were sold shortly after quarter end.”

[Hang onto those italics; they’re important for what happened.]

“The Company believed that recording these transactions as sales fully complied with all applicable accounting principles. On February 18, 2005, Countrywide’s independent auditor, KPMG LLP, informed the Company that all securities that contained embedded derivatives needed to have been completely sold before any portion of the sale could be recognized. In light of this information, the Company revised its recognition of gain on sale accordingly. This revision is based on an interpretation of Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 140, “Accounting for Transfers and Servicing of Financial Assets and Extinguishments of Liabilities,” which provides standards for gain on sale accounting.”

The thinking of the auditors, in their interpretation, probably went along these lines: if the company sold a batch of securities, all covered by the same embedded derivative/agreement to make holders whole in the event of those “extreme changes,” then the firm (CSC) still has an ongoing relationship to the items sold if it’s still retaining an interest in the securities. That may be the way the contract between CSC and the securitization trust was structured. Therefore, a genuine sale hasn’t occurred – there’s still an umbilical cord between CSC and the securities. Only when all of the securities are sold, is the cord completely cut.

“This revision will result in the reporting of a material weakness in internal controls over financial reporting in the Company’s Form 10-K for the period ended December 31, 2004. The Company has modified its securities distribution practices so that it will not retain any securities that contain embedded derivatives at each quarter end. In addition, at each future period end, the Company will review its inventory of securities to confirm that no such securities remain in inventory. The cost of this remediation is insignificant.”

So there’s a financial reporting internal control issue too: if a certain kind of transaction doesn’t qualify as a sale, financial statements aren’t supposed to go out the door including them as sales. And I’d agree with the company: the cost of the remediation probably is insignificant.…

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SEMI FINAL: Germany Bitcoin Dice 2:3 Brazil Bitcoin Dice

SEMI FINAL: Germany Bitcoin Dice 2:3 Brazil Bitcoin Dice




Franken Stadion, Nuremberg 1800h, Saturday 25th June 2005. Attendance: 42,187


Two goals from super-striker Adriano and a penalty from Ronaldinho ended Germany’s challenge and sent the World Champions into Wednesday’s Confederations Cup Final after a hard-fought clash in Nuremberg.


It was another sweaty day and another hot contest with Jurgen Klinsmann’s Germany out to avenge the 2002 World Cup Final defeat in Yokohama and Brazil on a mission to ensure the world knows who really remains the team to beat with their title defence less than a year away.


Billed as “The True Final” by the press beforehand, in the end it was Brazil who fulfilled their pre-match objective, proving they can win matches when not playing particularly well, the hallmark of good sides, and in challenging environments such as against the hosts and a hostile crowd. Today, as against Japan earlier this week, they faced determined opposition but accelerated away from them with moments of sublime skill.


The contest did take a while to catch fire with the Germans expertly smothering the talented Brazil attack with Ronaldino instantly surrounded by up to four red shirts as soon as he showed signs of advancing and Kaka in particular almost played out of the game. Brazil for their part were as rugged defending as they always are, and have in Gilberto and his pendular runs to snuff out attacks, an unsung hero.


Adriano however was far from anonymous and Germany looking back will rue their inability to keep the Inter hitman under lock and key. After twenty-one minutes he gave Brazil the lead courtesy of a deflection off a free-kick thirty yards from goal. Ronaldinho, the expected taker, ran over the ball and it was hit left-footed by Adriano, skimming off the unfortunate Sebastian Deisler to leave Jens Lehmann stranded on the other side of the goal.


But within a minute the Germans were back in the Bitcoin Dice game as Fabian Ernst’s cross-cum-shot almost beat Dida before Podolski made no mistake with a thumping header from the resulting corner from Deisler, who must have felt a sigh of relief after his ‘own-goal’ at the other end.


Adriano still lurked with intent however and Germany’s young and fresh-faced centre-back pairing of Robert Huth and Per Mertesacker, with only forty years between the pair of them, looked vulnerable and in need of the support of the retreating Fabian Ernst and Torsten Frings, amongst others.


With four minutes to go before the break the Brazilian goal-machine struck again, steaming past Huth on the right with an explosion of pace and strength that the Chelsea man could only stem by a two-handed push over the end line, granting Brazil a penalty in the process. Ronaldinho stepped up and duly dispatched it, only for Germany to show their hunger by clawing back a second equalizer deep into stoppage time.


Deisler whipped over another dangerous cross and in the penalty-box melee that ensued, Kevin Kuranyi, Roque Junior, Huth and Ballack all went tumbling, the referee correctly spotting a push by Emerson on the Germany captain. Ballack stepped up and tucked the spot-kick away to make it 2-2 and conlcude a most entertaining half.


The second half failed to match the first in terms of incident although Germany should have made more of a sixty-second minute break. Kuranyi and Ballack raced up the field against only one Brazilian defender but the Stuttgart striker delayed fatally until Brazil had got enough numbers back to defend.


Gerald Asamoah replaced Kuranyi moments later and set-up Ballack for a shot saved by Dida on the sixty-four minutes. Ballack overall was again majestic and the German most likely to create something special, moving all the way from left-back to left-wing and the centre as required and exciting the crowd with anticipation whenever he touched the ball. ‘Where would Germany be without him?’, as a newspaper headline asked this week.


On the seventy-two minute mark Adriano was booked for kicking the ball away after the whistle had blown following an offside call and a long period of Brazilian inactivity. With Klinsmann off the bench fully animated the crowd seemed to sense it could be Germany’s moment to seize the initiative, as they intoned over and over, “Deutschland, Deutschland!”


How cruel then that the sleeping tiger Brazil should spring into life again four minutes later with a sucker punch to kill the game. Once again it was that man Adriano, firmly established as the one to mark next summer, who let rip with a powerful shot low past Lehmann to make it 3-2. Roque Junior had beaten Asamoah to a clearance and with the next touch Robinho laid it on for Adriano’s third in four games, a rapier-swift two-pass scoring movement.


Renato replaced the strangely anonymous Kaka on seventy-six minutes before Brazil began to tighten the screw. Robinho was denied point-blank by Lehmann with eight minutes to go after Arne Friedrich and Mertesacker collided in the box and a minute later Adriano fed Cicinho who steamed up the right flank before pulling the trigger and forcing Lehmann to tip over.


Klinsmann threw the dice for the last time in bringing on Mike Hanke as an extra striker but the hosts were clearly fading in the face of their formidable opponents, who were too wily and experienced to let them come back and equalise a third time.


In the final minute of normal time substitute Julio Baptista could have made it three when clean through but Lehmann, who performed heroics despite the three goals conceded, was quick off the mark to steal it from him. The three minutes of time added on then passed quickly and without incident as the Brazilian artists shut up shop and put the finishing touches to another impressive piece.…

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Max ShapiroWant Me to Plug You in Sbobet88?

Max ShapiroWant Me to Plug You in Sbobet88?

A while back I read a story about the spread of product placement advertisement in TV shows. Product placement is the practice of slipping visuals of branded goods such as foods, beer, autos, etc., into programs and charging the makers a fee, much as if they were running regular paid ads. This has been going on for a long time in films.

For example, there’s a scene in my favorite movie, Superman, where a young Clark Kent is eating breakfast in his family’s farmhouse with a box of Cheerios clearly visible on the kitchen table. Ever since I watched that scene, I’ve eaten Cheerios for breakfast every day of my life. I still can’t fly, but I haven’t given up hope yet.

There are several reasons why sneaked-in ads are now cropping up on television: partly it’s because audiences are turned off by all the commercials cluttering the airwaves; partly because new electronic technology will let viewers zip right past them; but mostly it’s due to simple greed. Not only will more and more branded items appear in new programs, they will also pop up in rerun programs as TV producers take classic old shows and digitally insert commercial products.

So don’t be surprised if you see Jack Webb with a Nokia cell phone in a 1954 Dragnet episode, or Lucille Ball, in an I Love Lucy show filmed nearly 50 years ago, checking her AOL e-mail on a Toshiba laptop.

Reading about this insidious practice really upset me. As an ethical journalist, I oppose any compromise of media integrity. For example, I used to stew every time I saw ads for crappola movies that invariably featured gushing quotes from a certain critic for a minor radio station. When I read that he sometimes wrote rave Sbobet88 reviews without even bothering to see the films and was rewarded with lavish junkets for his favorable reviews, I sent him increasingly annoying e-mails. Not long after, I heard about his death and wondered if my harassment contributed to his demise. Oh, well.

Anyway, as I said, because of my journalistic morals I was repelled by the inherent dishonesty of blatant product placement on television. That is, until I began to wonder if I couldn’t pick up a little extra dough myself for plugging things in my column.

I realize this sounds tacky, but please consider my circumstances. The magazine remuneration I receive for my Pulitizer Prize-level writing does not exactly place me in the top tax bracket. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t even get me into the the poverty-level bracket. While it’s true that I make a handsome living from my poker playing, I also have heavy expenses, mainly for my charitable contributions to railbirds.

So I cast around for products and places that could benefit from a mention in my column. Deciding that the Barstow Card Casino was the place most in needed of good publicity, I sounded out Big Denny. What could he offer, I asked, in return for a nice mention?

“I kin give ya a comp ta our four-star buffet,” he replied. “I got a good deal on some cows dat died from somet’in dey ain’t figgered out what it wuz yet, but it probably ain’t nuthin’ catchin’.”

I thanked Big Denny profusely and promised to consider his offer. Next I contacted my good friend Lou Krieger. What could I expect to get, I asked, if I wrote that reading his books made me the player I am today? His answer was terse: “A letter from my attorney.”

Wise guy. I never saw him listed in the Overall Player Rankings in the back of poker magazines like I once was. Perhaps a touch of humor would do the trick, I thought. So I made up a poker joke (OK, I stole it from Reader’s Digest and changed it a little, what’s the difference)? It went like this:

The first time I met my sweetie, she asked me to drive her from Commerce to the Bicycle Casino. As we drove, I placed my hand on her knee. “You can go farther if you like,” she said coyly. So I drove her to Hollywood Park.

I tried peddling the joke to the three casinos by asking Nancy Friedman at Commerce, Kelley O’Hara at the Bike and Phyllis Caro at Hollywood Park what they would do if I promoted them that way. All of them said they would pull their magazine advertising.

Even Oklahoma Johnny Hale, who would do anything to promote his book, up to and including dropping his pants and hanging upside down from the Stratosphere tower, wasn’t interested.

In fact, the only nibbles I got were from Ralph the Rattler, looking for a plug for his home poker game for kiddies, and from a sleazy character peddling a book on how to mark cards. I indignantly turned them both down when they wouldn’t pay me up front.

Ah, well, perhaps it was for the best that my scheme misfired. After all, the last thing in the world I would want to do would be to divert ad dollars from poker magazines into my pocket.


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To Constructing A Small Enterprise Web Site

To Constructing A Small Enterprise Web Site


If you’re the DIY sort, you would possibly favor a few of the opposite choices obtainable on the market for webpage growth, similar to WordPress or Joomla, which can take a while to grasp however will reward you with a barrage of superior options. I at present use their BigCommerce for WordPress plugin to promote digital merchandise on my WordPress site, and the pace is incredible. In case you are concerned about launching an e-commerce site, you can’t go improper with Shopify.

E-commerce companies can report extensively on e-commerce exercise in Google Analytics by organising their property and web site appropriately. E-commerce web sites specifically might profit from including help for a number of languages. Nonetheless, we might argue towards including a number of languages with out utilizing an expert translator. Voog is an honest platform for customers that wish to create easy, trendy web sites and aren’t involved with including advanced options. Nonetheless, it’s a must to contact Voog buyer help to allow even fundamental retailer performance in your site.

To be truthful, each web page we constructed with Voog ended up wanting nice on each desktop and cell gadgets. Squarespace is a well-liked skilled website builders identified for its nice designs and ease of use. If you’ve obtained the time and don’t want any sophisticated features, the thought of constructing your personal webpage with out paying an expert is totally throughout the realm of motive. It’s all the time a good suggestion to check out the free website builders earlier than investing cash in a paid webpage builder.

Deciding on a plan based mostly solely on the worth isn’t a good suggestion for the reason that builder might not come loaded with all the performance in its starter plan. Value – The costs given are month-to-month costs. If you happen to go for an annual plan then the fees will probably be decrease as in comparison with the month-to-month expenses for a similar duration. This, in flip, will assist your Web optimization and may increase your search engine rankings, producing extra visitors to your webpage.

Design – Every of the contenders on our record ship with a variety of free themes that can assist you arrange a distinct segment-particular or normal web site. Gator specifically strikes a superb steadiness between design freedom and reponsive restrictions. However some net designers say that you’ll want to have a stability between nuisance and high quality.…

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The African Safaris For Every Kind Of Traveller

The African Safaris For Every Kind Of Traveller

I’d have believed you would have wanted DOF. The destination that is remarkably well known in this area is Sun city, Chobe National Park, Garden Route, Kwa Zulu Natal, Okavango Delta, Mozambique Cape Town, Victoria falls and many more. Amboseli National Park is located on a 392sq kilometers (151sq mile) Amboseli National Park lies in the bottom of snow-capped Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest summit. Sprawling with rare animal species such as gemsbok, springbok, eland and blue wildebeest lurking, also reddish dunes about in herds, the playground is a very refuge for nature and wildlife lovers. It seems very similar to Kruger is the very best choice for a great wildebeest migration safari. Get the best of safaris in Kruger National Park. With rock formations jutting from the earth, South Africa’s Karoo features a number of the most important wonders formed millions of years back. We can not wait for out you from the area with us.

Apart from indulging in game drives in open safari vehicles or engaging in bush walks using trained field manuals, while here, you’re going to be able to spot the Tuli elephants brought to the park in 1999. They existed , in harmony with their nature and land, before the 19th century, if choleradiseases and colonization occurred over their inhabitants, their herds and their own land. Tourists may indulge in night safaris and swimming with a bonfire to get an invigorating experience, After here. Aside from spotting wild beasts and watching the marvels of nature, an individual may also indulge in camping and Maasai Tribe whilst here. Go 1 step farther than seeing Africa’s wild creatures – remain beneath the beasts. It’s a location where you are going to come across the’Big Five’ namely the lions, animals, elephants, rhinos, leopards, and wild buffaloes that are wild and see the big five safari animals in Africa.

Hunting tourists can find searching African travel bundles. Tourist businesses provide an assortment of attractive vacation packages and you can choose as desired out of them. Marakele is a refuge home an impressive assortment of wildlife. The dual sharing tents include a unit, refrigerator, dining table, chairs aside from towels and bedding. They have a number of the finest jungle lodges in South Africa. Some purists argue that South Africa’s premier park is crowded and handled. Apart from a wildlife presents enormous beauty, ecosystem, and landscapes. Kruger National Park provides everything from Early Morning Guided Trails biking centers. Night Safari is a favorite of wilderness lovers who see Kruger. The park is essential see for those who would like to see Africa’s Big 5.



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CBD oil: Have the benefits been overstated?

CBD oil: Have the benefits been overstated?

With the nonsense being helped along by way of celebs, who threw a CBD-themed baby shower around Apr, it’s also found the way into products through lips balm to hummus, cappuccinos to sparkling drinking water.

The recent report by market body the Heart for Medical Cannabis blind-tested 30 products advertising their selves as CBD, bought around the High Street and on the web. This found almost fifty percent (45%) had measurable quantities of THC, making them technically illegal.

Often the researchers as well saw this presence in several items of the solvent dichloromethane, which can cause wheezing in addition to shortness of breath of air, on levels above meals safe practices limits.

One example, purchased from an excessive street drug store chain, acquired no CBD in this at all and had been selling for well around £50. Only 38% regarding the items tested possessed levels of CBD inside of 10% of the amount of money advertised on the jar.

There is absolutely no legal requirement regarding these products to become tested, though some organizations declare they have arduous screening regimes.

Charlotte Caldwell grew to be a campaigner for access to medical marijuana (containing each CBD and THC) immediately after struggling to obtain it for her son Billy, who has serious epilepsy. The lady released her own range connected with CBD-only products, identified as Billy’s Bud, before withdrawing this when she grew to be anxious that she didn’t want to track exactly what was within them all.

What health says is being made?

Even with this particular, a lot more people are seeking out CBD products in the belief they will ease panic, sleep issues and pain.

Charlotte Caldwell says she offers “hundreds could be thousands” involving patients and oldsters contacting her about applying CBD Hemp Oil: in some cases regarding severe and chronic conditions.

A search of Instagram reveals claim after claim being created by sellers in addition to marketers of CBD solutions rapid that they alleviate pain, boost mood and even that they is actually a “solid alternative to antidepressants.






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Does CBD Oil Relieve Chronic Pain?

Does CBD Oil Relieve Chronic Pain?

Together with the addictive nature of regular pain killers and often the current upload crisis causing panic amidst citizens, a lot of patients are searching for alternative instruments for aches management. A single promising medication that has caused pain relief for many is CBD. CBD will be some sort of cannabinoid found inside the particular cannabis plant and/or CBD Hemp Oil plant. It features no psychoactive properties, so consumers do not have to be anxious about feeling mentally volatile after using it. The good news is, it usually is separated from typically the THC molecules naturally present in cannabis likewise, and consequently patients can use CBD without having to likewise experience the associated with THC. While some people have applied cannabis for generations due to its pain alleviating qualities, the majority of thought that THC was the cause of this specific benefit. Even so, latest studies have proven that CBD can be just as effective at treating anguish without THC tagging together. So, just how does CBD help with long-term anguish?

The Endo cannabinoid Process

Primary, we need to analyze CBD itself. What exactly is it and just how may it interact with the bodies? The human body naturally delivers endocannabinoids of which regulate operations of the plus immune system. CBD is really a similar molecule and is usually found in the cannabis or hemp plant. It will be one of the phytocannabinoids produced by the plants.

CBD interacts with neural pain through the system just as naturally occurring endocannabinoids would. When the balance of endocannabinoids is cast off, the body wills knowledge adverse effects, often in the form of serious illness. Since the particular endocannabinoid product connected to help the central nervous method, there is a broad range of uncomfortable side effects one can experience, and partly why some people practical experience one symptom while other individuals working experience opposite indicators. For instance, a person may possibly develop ms while a further person may well have got greater inflammation. This is in addition precisely why CBD is touted to be a treatment alternative with regard to a lot of numerous ailments. Players might use CBD for bowl pain, although a mummy uses that for the girl epileptic child. Single sufferer might use CBD for you to help stabilize mental conditions, when another may usage the idea to treat dermatitis. Some people think that 1 of the reasons intended for widespread severe illnesses discovered in today’s populations is due to the disproportion involving endocannabinoids and the particular public’s constrained access to be able to phytocannabinoids.…

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What are the advantages of the CBD Hemp Oil?

What are the advantages of the CBD Hemp Oil?

There are numerous advantages of making use of CBD for dogs. Allow’s list a few of the really efficient ones: Cbd helps in stimulating immune actions and that is why it can reduce any type of sort of inflammation. It can aid in minimizing pain caused as a result of any type of kind of arthritis, bowel inflammation etc. Pain-killer Cbd assists in stopping the absorption of anandamide, which is natural pain medication. With boosted degrees of anandamide in the blood it assists in decreasing the pain sensations. Anti-convulsant It assists in restoring the unusual working of nerve cells. Abnormal working of the nerve cells typically causes seizures and also tremors, thus CBD assists in reducing seizures.

Anti-anxiety CBD decreases and also has an anti-anxiety effect tension and also different phobias. Cbd targets serotonin receptors which assist in increasing the serotonin degree which aesthetics any type of kind of anxiousness and fear in all types of microorganisms and in this situation canines. Anti-emetic cbd oil for sale cvs is helpful in controlling throwing up and nausea in pets. As it is really common to have queasiness while undertaking specific therapies like chemotherapy, CBD can aid in this situation and likewise curb loss cravings. Anti-cancer Destructive tumors prevail in pets and it implies the pet dog needs to undertake radiation treatment, which leads to numerous side-effects.


Currently it is verified that CBD additionally has anti-cancerous properties that can slow the growth of the growth and also minimize its dimension sometimes. All in all, one can say that CBD is a miracle medicine for family pets throughout CBD Hemp Oil. They show exemplary effectiveness amongst dogs in treating their problems which otherwise would take a lot of medicines and hours with a veterinary. So do not believe prior to selecting the best CBD pet deals with to aid them in their wellness troubles. These days, CBD oil organization is on the rise. In fact, CBD is brief for Cannabidiol. If you want a couple of strong techniques to help you begin and grow your organization by selling this oil, you may want to review this guide.

In other words, you need to obtain your business registered. This applies also if you desire to open an online or physical store. Buying initial items is everybody’s concern. Launch a Website Your following relocation is to develop a website to market your items once you have actually obtained your business signed up. Make sure your web site is suitable sufficient. For this, you require to choose a trusted site building contractor. This is important if you want to get repayment for your product sales. While it’s legal to run a CBD oil organization, several merchant processors think this type of company includes a great deal of risk.…

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Characters You’ll Find In The slot99 Affiliate Business….

Time for a light-hearted look at the characters you’ll find in the slot99 affiliate business.

After 9 or so months since I considered myself part of the business (started with the second version of SNG Planet which actually had the potential to convert, before this it was really just a bunch of my strategy articles on a website) I’ve come across many types, especially at http://www.pokeraffiliateprograms.com/ , the poker affiliate community that I’m proud to be a part of:

#1 – Mr Freeloader

Has stumbled upon the concept of being an affiliate for poker sites and is almost delerious with the possibilities of becoming an overnight millionaire… when faced with the investment of $9 in a domain and $10 a month for hosting Mr Freeloader simply laughs. Why spend all this money when I can put up my banner farm on a blog and spend my time watching the money roll in??

6-months later: Gone.

#2 – Mr Pokah Playa

Failed online poker pro, knows all the sites, all the poker terms and maybe even a small group of similar players. Assumes that this makes his opinion more valuable than those of veterans of the business for many years. Answers every post on every subject for a short period of time, regularly demonstrating not only a complete absence of ‘business acumen’, but often creating an image of an irritating failed-poker player while actually thinking that he makes a valued contribution.

6-months later: Well, he got a couple of mates to sign-up for rakeback deals but was too busy giving others his opinion to actually learn about the business… sells site for a fraction of the income he could have earned each month… gone.

#3 – Mr Incentives (also known as Mr Back-Of-An-Envelope)

Biro in hand and envelope on table this newbie to the business works out that if he offers $50 to players to earn enough points to earn him $100 and gives them half then repeats 100’s of times he could be stinkkkkkkking-rich. Then one day a brainwave hits… why bother recruiting real players at all… then I get to keep the whole lot! Usually first appears to complain that he has not been paid by one affiliate program or another, receiving around about the same amount of sympathy as if he’d just sh*t in the public swimming pool.

6-Months Later: Well, we can usually measure the lifespan of the true fraudsters in days, the deluded incentive guy who wants to do a better version of poker source may last a couple of months longer.. maybe.

#4 Mr Back-In-My-Day

Here we come onto the veteran of the business, he was a poker affiliate using mainframe valve-run computers while you were still in nappies (diapers for my US readers). This affiliate finds newbies in this industry intensely irritating and feels that it is his duty to put them down at every opportunity. The google ranking mechanism which favours age (and age of inbound links) will keep the veterans decidedly mediochre website high in the rankings for a good while yet – enabling him to gloat over the heads of these pesky newcomers about what fantastic deals he was able to get with the poker rooms.

6-months later: No problems here, there will be plently of newcomers ready to stamp on by then!

#5 – Mr Spammer

Has read internet bulletin boards such as the Warrior Forum (a very good resource but with a decidely spammy undercurrent) and knows the keywords like ‘upselling your ebook’, ‘bonus offers’, and ‘JVs’… decides that working with other affiliates will help ‘leverage the power of the list, and ‘mutually boost our link juice’. Decides to send out e-mails, then more e-mails, then forum private messages, then more e-mails to the point of driving the recipients insane. In fact, one week I did not get a mail from a known ‘Mr Spammer’ and actually called my host to check that the system was still working…. fails to realise that the effect is actually to become ‘black-listed’ by many legitimate affiliates – missing out on the future JVs with those who could actually make a difference to the business.

6-months later: e-mail arrives, dear {firstname_fix} I have seen your website…

Just a quick disclaimer… any implied reference to real people in this post is 100% deliberate… if you believe that it is you then, yep, it most probably is.

Maybe next time I’ll give you my good natured and serene views on forum and blog spammers in the poker affiliate game…. hmmmm.…

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BMW M5 briefly introduction


The BMW M5 is a high performance version of the BMW 5-Series automobile made by the M racing division of BMW. First introduced at the Amsterdam Motor Show in 1984, the first incarnation of the M5 was hand-built utilising the 535i chassis and a modified BMW M1 engine, being the fastest production saloon/sedan in the world at the time of its introduction. Subsequent iterations of the M5 have been made from various 5-Series generations throughout the years, including the E28, E34, E39 and most recently the E60 and E61.

The BMW M5 Sedan.

An imposing presence, and uncompromising performance – the BMW M5 Sedan gives the expression “high-performance Sedan” an entirely new meaning. The high-rev engine, sequential M transmission Drivelogic and aluminium chassis herald the arrival of motorsport technology on the road. Powerful, elegant shapes, M styling and an interior that unites sporty ergonomics with a sense of exclusivity all make it clear that the M5 Sedan is no ordinary car. Never before has there been such a perfect expression of performance.

The exterior of the BMW M5 Sedan.

Activate the ignition and power pulses through every inch of the M5 Sedan’s body. This sense of energy is captured by the very shape of the BMW M5 Sedan. From the powerful curves of the bonnet beneath which lies the V10 high-rev power plant, dynamic lines run from the thrusting front section right through to the striking rear end with its four chrome-plated stainless steel exhaust pipes. Every single detail states loud and clear: this is a top athlete, ready for the most astounding performance.

BMW M5 Sedan: Configuration / Arrange a test drive.

Would you like to configure a BMW automobile or arrange a test drive? Select a country to visit the configurator in the Virtual Centre or contact your local BMW dealer directly.

Information about the technical data.

This specifications data applies to vehicles in the German market. The models illustrated may, in part, include optional equipment and accessories not fitted as standard. According to the specific requirements of other markets, alterations may occur regarding models, standard and optional equipment as described in the text and illustrations. For precise information, please contact your BMW dealer. Subject to change in design and equipment. Subject to error.

Unladen weight: the figure quoted includes a 90% full tank, 68 kg for the driver and 7 kg for luggage. Unladen weight applies to vehicles with standard equipment. Optional equipment may increase this figure

Max. output: the ten-cylinder petrol engine is designed for ROZ 98 fuel. The engine may be run on ROZ 95 fuel with a decrease in power.

Top speed: electronically limited.

Combined fuel consumption: the BMW M5 Sedan engine meets the EU4 emissions standard. Fuel consumption is determined in accordance with the ECE driving cycle, which consists of approximately one third urban traffic and two thirds extra-urban driving (based on the distance covered). CO2 emissions are measured in addition to fuel consumption as such.

Due to the longevity of its nameplate and undisputed position at the top of BMW’s midsize lineup, the M5 remains one of the best known sport sedans, despite competition from Mercedes-AMG and Audi quattro GmbH. Mercedes-Benz’s E55 AMG fell short of the E60 M5’s performance, so they eventually replaced it with the E63 AMG. The top-of-the-line Audi RS6 (C6), is only offered in Europe and Australia. The M5 outperforms the Audi S6, the marque’s highest performing executive car in North America. If you want to know about bmw m performance, check out here.…

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In-Play Football Betting: How It Works & Why It’s Consequently Well-liked



For generations, there were only one technique to wager in sports (soccer) and other activities. You made your assortment, placed your bet after which waited for the occasion to start out. That changed using the entrance of GREAT BRITAIN online gambling sites like Online Casino Malaysia sites and new technologies that authorized prices to become altered right away – and even allowed table bets to be staked merely as quickly. Now betting workers did not have got to near all his or her markets the instant a celebration got under approach. People could place wagers while the game around question is at play ~ hence the rise of what we now phone in-play betting.

Women are employing smart phone on the particular soccer stadium.

Such wagers actually may date back to the earlier 1990s, when bookies started to take in-play gambling bets over the telephone. But the entrance of often the net, and the progress complex algorithms that allowed betting odds to be changed automatically and instantly, took football betting in-play to a different one dimension. So well-known is in-play betting now that Bet365, one of the particular biggest operators in typically the world, has estimated that an amazing 80% of the gambling revenue is produced from in-play gamble.

Just how Do I Bet In-Play?

If you are not necessarily used in order to betting in-play, please end up being assured that the procedure is incredibly simple. When a match is under technique, go to your preferred bookmaker’s web page or software. You will see a section dedicated specifically to in-play, reside or in-running wagering.

On this section will be all the sporting events about which the bookmaker happens to be accepting bets, and often the selling prices they are offering. You will find many different markets and possibilities bets relating strictly on the action in that go with. Inside a new fast-moving sport including football (soccer), anyone will see the amount paid changing rapidly to mirror the particular shifting state from the activity.

Now it’s a problem of making your variety.

In particular, you could get watching some sort of basketball (soccer) match in which one workforce is dominating. If a person feel they are planning to score the subsequent purpose, you will be equipped to wager on the fact that result. After that, place your bet. You add your wager in the same way as being a pre-match as well as ante-post gamble; click on often the price, tap in your pole amount and push typically the button that positions this bet. Nonetheless ought to be, an individual have to be rapid. Betting employees work incredibly fast to change possibilities as their market-setters, who else are likewise watching this action, make an effort to stay onward of the game. It’s not unusual for the value to switch concerning you doing your assortment and setting the bet. In some circumstances you will end up being supplied the opportunity for you to take the new odds or decline to gamble.


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Forex Fundamental Analysis: How The Economy Affects Forex Trading

There are basically two types of currency exchange trading: forex fundamental analysis and technical analysis. There is a lot of debate about which is better. In fact, both are important.

The simplest way of looking at these two methods of analyzing the market is to say that fundamental analysis considers the world economy while technical analysis looks at charts. In this article we will consider the different fundamental or economic factors and how they can affect your trades.

It will be clear to anybody who has even the most rudimentary understanding of the currency markets that a nation’s economic status will have an effect on the value of that nation’s currency. A healthy economy means a strong currency, just as a company’s stocks will rise in value when that company is doing well.

Any time that a major financial or economic report is due from one of the main players in the world economy, you can expect to see an effect on the foreign exchange markets. This includes reports of the country’s Gross Domestic Product, statements of the national debt, inflation, employment levels and trade deficits. Many of these reports are given out regularly at predetermined times and dates, and you will see a lot of volatility in the funded trader forex markets around those times.

It is very important to keep track of when these reports are due, not only in your own country but in all of the countries whose currencies you regularly trade. You cannot rely on national newspapers and television for this. They do not carry international economic news at a sufficiently detailed level. You need specialist publications. Many people use the internet for this purpose.

However, it is not only the economy that counts. Social and political forces also have a strong influence on a nation’s currency values. Events such as an election, civil unrest, or a natural disaster can cause fluctuations in values.

Some of these events are difficult or even impossible to predict, but you can still base trades around what is likely to happen after the event. You can use historical analysis to see what happened in the currency markets the last time there was a similar event.

If you want to base your trading around fundamental analysis of the forex markets you will need to be the type of person who enjoys following the financial, political and economic news.

The alternative is to use information about upcoming events to avoid trading at those times. People who prefer to rely mainly on technical analysis will do this. But you still need to know what is happening, in order to keep out of the market. So even for somebody who prefers basing their trades on charts, forex fundamental analysis is important.…

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Online ball, the most used gambling video game of the century

Online ball, the most used gambling video game of the century


Online gambling betting games have turn out to be one of typically the most popular options throughout this century. In reality, not necessarily only interested by simply online players from Indonesia, yet evidently this online baseball gaming is in require by simply typically the universe in slot online malaysia. All of us can even try to observe typically the soccer match plus realize that it is organised each day even every region possesses a good special addition that may be broadcast live. That shows that indeed this baseball game is now one regarding the most well-liked activity options so that the idea is then used being an opportunity to later produce money by means of gambling.

The Official Trusted Soccer Gaming Site – Metrosbobet

Most of those who are usually interested in wagering basketball gambling are those who choose ball games. The pastime itself does not suggest we have to are available and play on this field but rather interested in the ball. It signifies we support they that plays on the field. In truth, as is definitely popular, there are in fact a good lots of football club teams, both unusual club teams and Indonesian golf club teams. It demonstrates at this time there really is a great interest and its own advantages via the soccer game and so that that is a lot within demand by many folks. Also let alone may give income income which would certainly end up being really rewarding as further revenue.

Would you know of which baseball betting can in fact be among the ways almost all desired by numerous individuals so far. Good jobs are jobs where the hobbies are paid with regard to. That is the fault indeed when most of us do it we are able to contentedly run it exactly the same because we know that certainly its a good hobby that we have. Since certainly it is a hobby, it is extremely natural that there are indeed lots of people which are interested in participating in in these gambling bets. By means of making the sport of basketball some sort of hobby, this may likewise be one of several actions for later we can certainly take advantage of soccer betting because a hobby. Online soccer is a great interesting and profitable issue because furthermore we observe streaming on the net, we can also benefit from playing on gambling. Exactly where can certainly we join and how to play?Hobbies regarding football does not always mean we has to always be good with performing on the niche, even the minimum Still though we can see footballing matches and then we adhere to the wagers there. Of course , while we all watch a good soccer complement if we do follow bets.

Range of Baseball Games Made use of as Gambling Materials

Do you know that generally there are in fact a whole lot of football matches that were contested so a lot of occasions every day that usually are broadcast in another way? Then after it was taken seeing that one of the opportunities by organization users to be equipped to offer betting online games on online gambling sites. They then set up the bandar service which and then presented a special sport called the “sportsbook”, which usually resulted in in the fight offered there have been several sporting events accessible which will we could then wager on. This means most of us can battle any sports activities match that is definitely indeed offered by the basketball playing website.


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Party slot demo Advent Calendar

Party slot demo Christmas Promotions‘Tis the season to play poker and Party Poker.com have a sack full of great tournaments and special offers for you over the holiday period. Choose your Party Poker Bonus Code (choice of 4!), put another log on the fire and settle down for some fantastic action courtesy of Party Poker.com!

Remaining Party Poker Advent Calendar Events:-

23rd December

Join the $300K Speed Qualifier Freeroll at 1.00pm GMT (8.00am ET) and finish in the top 25 and you’ll win a seat at the $300K at 5.45 pm GMT (12.45 pm ET). This freeroll has a 4,000 limit so keep an eye on that freeroll tab via the lobby.

24th December

1st come 1st served to the $5,000 Christmas Eve Freeroll at 4.00pm GMT (11.00am ET). Keeping looking back at the freeroll tab in the lobby to make sure you catch the announcement of registration! This is going to be a popular freeroll.

25th December

$15,000 Christmas Day Freeroll at 7.00pm GMT ( 2.00pm ET), don’t be a turkey, keep an eye on freerolls tab to ensure your seat. Jingle Bells.

26th December

Magic Hand, there are 25 prizes of $100 to be won, that 50 bucks for the winner of the hand and $50 to be shared by the other players at the table.

27th December

Today there are 20 Surprise Tournaments with $5,000 added to the prize pools. There are 5,000 seats available at random times between 1.00 pm and 1.00am GMT (8.00am and 8.00pm ET). The Tournaments will be announced 30 mins prior to start time in the lobby.

28th December

Solo Point Tournament – just earn one Party Poker Point today and you will be given an entry to a $2,500 freeroll tomorrow (29th) at 7.00pm GMT (2.00pm ET).

29th December

Magic Hand Special, for a whole day every 100,000th hand dealt will be a winner. Between 05.01am non the 29th to 04.59am GMT on the 30th, (00.01am ET til 11.59pm ET) there are around 25 prizes of $100 or $50 going to the winner of the hand and $50 to share on the table.

30th December

End of Year Freeroll at 7.00pm GMT (2.00pm ET) worth a generous prize pool of $15,000, 1st come 1st served go keep checking the lobby then freeroll tab for announcement of registration as this is one freeroll not to be missed. Happy New Year!

So, give yourself a present and take advantage of these fantastic offers from Party Poker. If you’ve never played at Party, visit our Party Poker Review and choose a first deposit bonus to suit you (4 bonus codes to choose from!).


Best advice – to play in these freerolls keep an eye on the freeroll tab in the lobby to make sure you know the moment the tournaments are announced so you can register.…

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Back to Civilization / Goal update


I was in the middle of Amish country over the weekend riding at camp Woodward with a bunch of friends. Driving through the town is like going back in time 200 years. The Amish drive around on the side of the road in their horse and buggies and only wear goofy black and white clothes. They live exactly how movies like King Pin portray them.

It was great not having to worry about email, เเทงหวยออนไลน์ politics, and internet for a few days, but if it wasn’t for the skate-parks, I’d probably go nuts out there. I don’t know how people can live like that. I need the technology.

I’ve actually been following through with a lot of my new years goals. So far I’ve completed the goal to get a Wii and run another bloggerpods tournament. Those were the easiest, although I did have to wait out in freezing weather for 6 hours to get my Wii.

– So far the most rewarding one has been learning nose manuals (with no brakes) on my bike. It’s even more rewarding then trying to make $50,000 or getting high search engine rankings with my site.

I’m sure nobody reading this can relate to learning a bike trick, but you can probably understand what it’s like to try something for what seems like forever and then finally start to ‘get’ it.

I’ve been working on these nose manuals every chance I get, usually alone in front of my house or behind some building. For months I’d just flip over my handlebars for hours trying to figure out if it’s even possible to do without brakes. Lately i’ve been able to find that balance point and I’m starting to learn to manipulate my weight in-order to stay there. I swear, it’s the most rewarding feeling ever, even with nobody around. I still don’t have full control in them, but I can feel it coming.

– I didn’t have the balls to try flairs at woodward, but i’m pretty sure I’ll be able to learn them this year.

– Pushups are going well. I’ve been staying in good shape, so I should be able to reach 100 by around summer.

– I’ll either need to get a lot more productive while I’m on my computer or get lucky to make $50,000 this year. I’m very easily distracted.

– I’m not sure about the future of Donkit. Both Kjell and I haven’t had a chance to put much time into it lately.

– The odds are obviously against me winning $5,000 in a poker tournament, but I’m not ruling this one out just yet.

You’re missing out on an incredibly fun game if you don’t play Pot Limit Omaha. It’s where all the nuts and tilting players go to throw around their money.

The key in Omaha is to find a really good table. It’s worth the extra time to scope out a few tables to find the nutty players.

The best tables have at least one player who thinks their hold’em hands are good or someone raising every hand preflop. For some reason when a player always bets the pot preflop, it triggers an effect where every other player must call to see the flop.

The worst is the table full of nut-peddlers. Everyone limps in preflop and plays passively unless they have the nuts or close to it. The only time you’ll see any action is when one player has a royal flush and the other has quads. Even then both players are likely to check the river.

Once you find a juicy table and start taking notes on players, it gets hard to leave. The mistakes people make are usually so obvious that you can often accurately put them on a hand.

The best is when you find players who only raise preflop with AAxx. You can usually split them into two categories post flop: The ones that continue to bet the pot no matter what the flop is and others who check/fold if they don’t improve. Either way you should almost always call preflop if you have a decent hand, because chances are they won’t improve and AAxx isn’t to much better then an average omaha hand.…

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Rickey sbobet be Rickey.


As a young left handed pitcher, my favorite pro was a crafty verteran with what I assumed was a similar delivery. I actually chose Steve Carlton as my baseball idol before I saw him play, I just admired the statistics on the back of his card. I’d happily swap any of the big rookies, and their more valuable debut cards, to my equally nerdy friends just for a late career action photo of a man who played the way I wanted to.

Rickey Henderson was different. I’ve never been fast and I’d only bat leadoff if the previous inning ended with our 6th man. We’d have those long debates up in my room about who was the better base stealer, and I’d take anyone over the arrogant swagger of the longtime sbobet A. The better the numbers on the back of Rickey’s card, the more I wanted them out of my hands as if each base hit was another burning degree.


When Rickey played his last big league game in 2003, he had the best stats of any leadoff hitter EVER. Baseball loves statistics and in more than 100 years of record keeping history, Rickey is one of the best. Just look :





CAREER HR —- 297

For those of you who aren’t big baseball dorks, those numbers have very special signifigance. Rickey Henderson is one of the greatest players off all time and is a certain first ballot hall of famer.


We’ve discussed this before. I’m am an absolutely horrible poker player. At Bradoween last weekend there was only one thing EVERYONE could agree on. “G-Rob is the worst player here.”

That said, it seems unlikely that I’d find much in common with the best leadoff hitter of all time. But I think Rickey B. Rickey is the best hero a poker novice can have. You want to play poker? Are you a Pro? If not, Rickey is the man for you.


Here’s something I found interesting on the BLOG “Nickel and Dimes”:

My particular struggle is “where I am at?” as I’ve stated quite a few times recently. Should I be looking for higher stakes games despite a bankroll that’s been stagnant for several months now? I win a little, then lose a little, win a stack or two, then lose it the next night. I feel like I’m chasing my own tail despite learning more about the game…

I think we’ve all been there. It seems like with all we’ve studied and learned we should be moving farther, faster than we are. I’ve read a few books and played more than a few hands of poker, both virtual and virtually illegal. My game has certainly improved and I’ve taken a few stabs at bigger limits. but I’m not playing for substantially more than I was a long time ago. Why go on?


Like I said, Rickey left the BIG LEAGUES in 2003. But he still plays baseball. I found this quote from some TV station website…

Rickey Henderson, on playing baseball for the Newark Bears at age 45: “God gave me this body, this gift, these skills to play this sport. Until He says, ‘Enough,’ this is what I’m supoosed to be doing.”

That’s when he played minor league ball…in Newark. Not many players with the careers…or the money…he has would ever consider such a demeaning downgrade. Perhaps its because he knew another move was coming….San Diego.


CJ was right. This dope is the commenter of the year :



Two things: Firsat, he left this comment on my post, and on Al’s. Of all the bloggers in all the world, WE take it too seriously? Wow! Odd Choice. Second, he went on to call AL a fat turd. I’m way fatter than Al. Get your facts straight bub!

It is odd to be criticized for taking a game so seriously. We’ve all heard it in one form or another.

There are those who consider it “gambling” and despise it as such.

There are those who see it as nothing but a card game, and thus, not worth ANY investment of time.

There are those who think going the extra mile, to write a free blog on the subject, is particularly lame.

They’re absolutly right. It’s almost as stupid as extending Little League baseball into a full time job.


This year Rickey Henderson is batting .267 as the leadoff hitter in San Diego. He’s not eligible for the baseball Hall of Fame until 5 years after he retires, but he refuses to do so. It’s true, he still has skills, but more importantly he LOVES to play the game. That’s why he’s a SURF DAWG.

The Surf Dawgs are in the Golden Baseball League. It’s not even Single A minor league ball. It’s totally independant of the major league clubs, and there’s vitrtually NO chance of any player in the entire league EVER making any impact on the Big Leagues. So why in God’s name would Rickey play? This is from the LA Times :

“I don’t need anything,” said Henderson, before the first of a three-game series against the Long Beach Armada at Blair Field. “Everything I need, I’ve been blessed to have. The love and the passion has to be there for me to still play the game way down here.”

Rickey has no hope of moving up in limits. He’s not looking for more fame. The MAXIMUM salary in this league is $3000/month. Rickey used to buff Otis’ forehead with $3000, but he loves baseball and he takes it very seriously. Got a problem with that?…

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Question About Heads Up? Ask The Steinbergs!


Max and Danny Steinberg are probably the most successful identical twins in bandar judi pulsa today, if not ever. They both have a slew of achievements and poker earnings under their name and have been playing poker professionally for the past 4 years.

Max Steinberg plays under the name RunItTrim on Full Tilt Poker and redgrape on PokerStars.  Danny Steinberg is known as Mirttnur on Full Tilt and heybude on PokerStars.  Both are known and feared for their relentless aggression.

Although the Steinbergs mainly play online, they are known for their live tournament accomplishments as well.  In 2008, Max finished 2nd for $144,773 in the LAPT Cost Rica main event.  He also was one away from an WSOP bracelet in 2010, finishing 2nd in event 8 for $352,916.  Most recently, Danny finished 6th in the WSOP Europe Main Event and earned $254,935 for his efforts.  He also has other cashes in the WSOP.

Recently, Max, who is known as Numbr2intheWorld and moderator of the heads up section on the FTR forums, posted a thread titled Ask me anything about headsup.  This is a great opportunity to learn from one of the top heads up players online today, so make sure to pick his brain!  Who knows how long this thread will last and be open for discussion, so make sure to act fast.

If you want to hear more from the Steinbergs, make sure to check out their blog at suited-aces.com!  They post all of their poker updates here, talk poker strategy, and discuss interesting hands.

These are extraordinary methods, and work best in live games. Getting an opponent on tilt is a lot more rewarding in lives games, too. There’s nothing like the grunts, facial ticks, and the defensive “What the hell bro?!” of an on-tilt, chip-bleeding, crashing-to-the-ground poker player. It’s like music to my chips.

Here for you, from my secret vault of dishonorable tactics, are 9 proven methods to put your opponent on tilt:

Make an amazing bet which convinces your opponent that you really do have the best hand! Then show your bluff. Include with a wry comment like, “Please come again.”

Insult your opponent. One of the oldest war tactics, used by conquering heroes since the earth was young. I suggest making “hee-haw!” sounds after a player plays a hand poorly. Or pull out this little gem: “If you were twice as smart, you’d still be a stupid player.”

Slow roll. That’s when you’ve got the nuts, pretend your opponent has won, force him show his hand first, and then make a big deal of turning your monster, winning hand over. It’s a jerk thing to do, and a fantastic method to put your opponent on tilt.

Read your opponent’s hand. Then call it out. If you’re able to correctly call out your opponent’s hands a few times, they won’t be playing you with a logical strategy. They’ll play back at you with a defensive “I’ve got to eliminate this player because he has me read” strategy. Also known as “slow motion train wreck” strategy. Let their chips derail into your stack.

Talk incessantly in a high pitched and/or nasal voice.

Talk about your cats, what you fed them for breakfast, what time you are going to walk them later, how many friends your cats have, and the three books of history behind your furry friend’s name. (You don’t need a cat to do this. Just a terrible story nobody wants to hear.)

Bonus! Tell your cat story in a high pitched, nasal voice after slow rolling your opponent.

Act like you’re about to throw your hand away, gesturing repetitively with your cards as if you’re about to release them towards the dealer. Then when it gets to you, shove all-in. You’ll upset the table more than a stink bomb in seat 6.

Call the clock on a player who has just been dealt a hand.

Pull this one-liner out after a player who thinks they’re good, loses a big pot: “Ladies and gentleman, this is not a player to learn from.”

If you’ve got any other cruel, callous, or cold-hearted moves to put a player on tilt, let me know in the comments!…

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