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If you’re a cricket fan, and have always fancied having a vacation on a tropical paradise such as Jamaica, then 2007 is the year your absolute fantasy could come true! The World Cup is being held in the Caribbean, and there are a number of matches that are being held in Jamaica! Can you, a cricket fan, imagine anything more ideal than that? The 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup will have several matches held in venues in Jamaica, including the 1st semi-final scheduled to be played on 24th April. Although tickets won’t be easy to find, they are possible to be booked online – and if you can’t get one, you could contact one of more high profile hotels in Kingston prior to making an accommodation reservation and ask if they have any tickets available for their guests to purchase. Website to Buy 2022 Calendars



The Jamaica ticket office for this event is at shop 51 and 52 in the Kingston Mall, in Downtown Kingston. You can also check out the ICC’s website for further information about possible ways of obtaining tickets if you’re looking for one last minute – or perhaps it’s enough for you just to be in Kingston on the day that the matches take place!


Ticket prices vary for the matches and Buy 2022 Calendars and should be included in your Jamaican vacation budget as depending on the match you want to attend, and the kind of ticket available, you could expect to pay about $560 for a top ticket – if you are purchasing a ticket previously sold to someone else however, and it’s possible there could be a number of tickets available that way (check with local authorities however so you know you are getting a genuine ticket, not a counterfeit one), you could pay far in excess of the true ticket price. The value you place on that ticket, in this particular location, however could also be far above its original selling price! .