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While transferring Pokemon in between generations has actually never ever been very easy or immediate, Pokemon Sword and also Shield is the first time that it will not be made available whatsoever. In Pokemon Sword as well as Shield, the Pokemon Bank will just enable you to move Pokemon that exist within its native Regional Dex. You will not be able to transfer a little over fifty percent of the Pokemon from previous generations right into Sword and Shield. Masuda verified in a meeting with Inside Gamer that Game Freak does not intend on including the missing Pokemon in later updates. According to Game Freak there just weren’t the resources readily available to model and create over 1,000 Pokemon for Sword and also Shield.

One of the oft-quoted reasons for why developer Game Freak curtailed the variety of offered Pokemon originates from a 2019 interview with USG. ” We already have well over 800 Pokemon species, and also there’s mosting likely to be much more added in these games. As well as now that they’re on the Nintendo Switch, we’re producing it with a lot greater integrity with higher quality animations.”

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In another interview with Japanese video game magazine Famitsu, Sword and Shield director Shigeru Ohmori apparently told the publication that Game Freak had to redo all the personality models for the most up to date Pokemon title. The Famitsu interview emerged on the Pokemon subreddit, as well as some interpreted these quotes to indicate that the game would certainly look substantially better than previous Pokemon Sword Shield games. IGN independently converted the meeting which you can check out below:

” This time Masuda and I had a whole lot of discussions. Pokemon Sun and also Moon, however this time the hardware was Switch and we had to remake all of the models from scrape, so we had to make some selections. Masuda’s remarks might be translated to indicate that simply servicing higher integrity makers like the Nintendo Switch is generally much more taxing on resources. Regardless, these remarks, specifically, ended up being fuel for movie critics and also opened up Game Freak approximately more objection.

The National Dex problem and also Game Freak’s subsequent remarks concerning it opened up Pokemon Sword and also Shield up to broader criticism. The minimized National Pokedex– commonly called “Dexit” after the British political phenomenon “Brexit,” connecting to Pokemon Sword and Shield’s UK-inspired imaginary Galar region setting– is still the key factor for fan outrage.