Maverick Approach to Movie Making

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The term “non-compliant” is used to describe people who think they are non-traditional and independent, and who do not think or act like others. There are many aspiring independent filmmakers who make unconventional ways to make movies and fail. They tried to escape before walking, thus losing their talent, time and money.


As long as you understand what you need to succeed in the film industry, it is a good thing to be an unruly filmmaker. “Understanding rules before breaking the rules” is a good word. If you don’t know how it works, you can’t name yourself in the movie world. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t listen to good advice or know everything, then continuous reading is no good. If you are open to new information, it will tell you.


Some aspiring independent filmmakers are influenced by the famous filmmakers they read and heard. Just as he refused to compromise his creative vision and gave up the studio. This is what it is like in Hollywood, but not the level of true independent film. An independent filmmaker who allowed his self-control of his behavior was doomed to failure. An independent film actor and staff cannot deal with an independent filmmaker without enough compensation, and the filmmaker is too difficult to work.


When you edit your movie, they will come out of your project or make mediocre efforts, which will be very obvious. Post-production will never lie. Adjust the independent movie budget without additional shooting days. Often, the starting capital needed to make an independent film comes from the filmmaker’s friends and family. When it is absolutely necessary to complete a movie that is crazy, not selfish, don’t compromise your creativity. If I personally invest in a movie from a friend or relative, I want them to control themselves to complete the movie.


I always think that making a movie doesn’t give people the power to create money that is wasted. Especially if the money comes from friends and family. I think investors are like me. Before you record a movie, it’s a good idea to highlight the scenes that are critical to your creative vision in the script. This is just my opinion, but I still have to watch a movie where each scene is epic. I still have to talk to another screenwriter. He told me that all the conversations and the scenes they wrote are incredible. Some conversations and scenes are there to keep the story going. I want to go out with a group of honest independent filmmakers, and we totally agree that every movie has content.


Thinking like this will hurt an unrealistic director, but cruel honesty makes the growth of healthy and creative thinking surprising. When parsing a script, highlight the fill scene that is not important to your creative vision. These will be the first scenes that will be cut or eliminated when time and money begin to run out. In an independent movie, time and money are always exhausted. Be prepared to change your movies and ideas when the time is right. When I made my first movie “Consignación”, I had to rewrite the scene, otherwise the movie would die. I don’t think I’m hurting my creative vision by making radical changes in the collection. I can overcome the obstacles to completing the movie. What is the movie not finished?


This reminds me of what I want to share with you today: avoid becoming an inflexible snobbery. Sometimes you will be asked to adjust your creative vision. Arriving with a flexible attitude will help you manage content that can kill movies. As a leaving actor, a difficult team member, losing local or team problems. Many things can go wrong when making a movie. The less you are willing to waste your energy on the status quo and find a solution, the better you will be as a filmmaker.


It’s definitely not necessarily a shoemat in your film manufacturing process, but it’s not necessarily a razor blade. Blessed is an independent filmmaker who can find and relate to his creative balance. I have learned a lot of real life lessons to make movies. If you haven’t taken anything you read.







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