Hype Energy and Energy sugar free drink by Vimgo

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Hype is another one of those drinks that follows the same basic flavor pattern as Red Bull.  Basically you know pretty much what you are getting when you pop open a can…not going to be anything shockingly new flavor wise, but it will definitely be a safe bet.  Hype might follow the same lines as Red bull, but it is not 100% the same as are some of the other drinks we have tried…there is something different….maybe a bit more crisp with a slight hint of something that reminds me of blueberry added in.  It’s a cleaner flavor and a milder after taste than lots of the other stuff out there…kind of like Red Bull refined.  Now that I think about it….take a Red Bull, make it a bit milder, and then add in a bit of Spaz Juice, and that will give you a good idea of what Hype tastes like.  It’s kind of a new flavor in an old style, and honestly, the more I drink it the more I like it.  Oddly enough, Hype does not taste really anything like it smells.  When I popped open the can I immediately thought of Shark Energy Drink because there was a distinct smell of what I can only describe as Flintstones Chewable Vitamins, yet the taste is quite different from that….strange indeed.


Power wise Hype does not disappoint at all as this is Energy sugar free.  A bit over half way through the can I felt like I had downed an entire Red Bull.  I feel wide awake…my brain is actually working, and yet I still feel comfortable and relaxed…I’m really liking this stuff at the moment.  Definitely stronger that a lot of the stuff you get around here, which brings me to the only bad part about Hype….not sure if you can actually get it here in the states or not.  The folks from Hype were nice enough to send me a few cans of each product line and they were shipped from the Netherlands (Go Orange!).  I have seen large cans of Hype very recently in stores near me and I’ll probably be grabbing a can to try.  Sometimes the products you get here are changed a bit from their true from do to import regulations…look for that write up in the future.  Till then I still have Hype Gold, and Hype Lite to review.


As far as mixing goes, Hype has a lot of potential.  It would probably go really well as an add in for fruity drinks, or as a power shot mixed with good old vodka.  Hype would definitely make a good late night club mixer…  Give it a shot if you come across a can!





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