Party slot demo Advent Calendar

Party slot demo Christmas Promotions‘Tis the season to play poker and Party have a sack full of great tournaments and special offers for you over the holiday period. Choose your Party Poker Bonus Code (choice of 4!), put another log on the fire and settle down for some fantastic action courtesy of Party!

Remaining Party Poker Advent Calendar Events:-

23rd December

Join the $300K Speed Qualifier Freeroll at 1.00pm GMT (8.00am ET) and finish in the top 25 and you’ll win a seat at the $300K at 5.45 pm GMT (12.45 pm ET). This freeroll has a 4,000 limit so keep an eye on that freeroll tab via the lobby.

24th December

1st come 1st served to the $5,000 Christmas Eve Freeroll at 4.00pm GMT (11.00am ET). Keeping looking back at the freeroll tab in the lobby to make sure you catch the announcement of registration! This is going to be a popular freeroll.

25th December

$15,000 Christmas Day Freeroll at 7.00pm GMT ( 2.00pm ET), don’t be a turkey, keep an eye on freerolls tab to ensure your seat. Jingle Bells.

26th December

Magic Hand, there are 25 prizes of $100 to be won, that 50 bucks for the winner of the hand and $50 to be shared by the other players at the table.

27th December

Today there are 20 Surprise Tournaments with $5,000 added to the prize pools. There are 5,000 seats available at random times between 1.00 pm and 1.00am GMT (8.00am and 8.00pm ET). The Tournaments will be announced 30 mins prior to start time in the lobby.

28th December

Solo Point Tournament – just earn one Party Poker Point today and you will be given an entry to a $2,500 freeroll tomorrow (29th) at 7.00pm GMT (2.00pm ET).

29th December

Magic Hand Special, for a whole day every 100,000th hand dealt will be a winner. Between 05.01am non the 29th to 04.59am GMT on the 30th, (00.01am ET til 11.59pm ET) there are around 25 prizes of $100 or $50 going to the winner of the hand and $50 to share on the table.

30th December

End of Year Freeroll at 7.00pm GMT (2.00pm ET) worth a generous prize pool of $15,000, 1st come 1st served go keep checking the lobby then freeroll tab for announcement of registration as this is one freeroll not to be missed. Happy New Year!

So, give yourself a present and take advantage of these fantastic offers from Party Poker. If you’ve never played at Party, visit our Party Poker Review and choose a first deposit bonus to suit you (4 bonus codes to choose from!).


Best advice – to play in these freerolls keep an eye on the freeroll tab in the lobby to make sure you know the moment the tournaments are announced so you can register.…

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Back to Civilization / Goal update


I was in the middle of Amish country over the weekend riding at camp Woodward with a bunch of friends. Driving through the town is like going back in time 200 years. The Amish drive around on the side of the road in their horse and buggies and only wear goofy black and white clothes. They live exactly how movies like King Pin portray them.

It was great not having to worry about email, เเทงหวยออนไลน์ politics, and internet for a few days, but if it wasn’t for the skate-parks, I’d probably go nuts out there. I don’t know how people can live like that. I need the technology.

I’ve actually been following through with a lot of my new years goals. So far I’ve completed the goal to get a Wii and run another bloggerpods tournament. Those were the easiest, although I did have to wait out in freezing weather for 6 hours to get my Wii.

– So far the most rewarding one has been learning nose manuals (with no brakes) on my bike. It’s even more rewarding then trying to make $50,000 or getting high search engine rankings with my site.

I’m sure nobody reading this can relate to learning a bike trick, but you can probably understand what it’s like to try something for what seems like forever and then finally start to ‘get’ it.

I’ve been working on these nose manuals every chance I get, usually alone in front of my house or behind some building. For months I’d just flip over my handlebars for hours trying to figure out if it’s even possible to do without brakes. Lately i’ve been able to find that balance point and I’m starting to learn to manipulate my weight in-order to stay there. I swear, it’s the most rewarding feeling ever, even with nobody around. I still don’t have full control in them, but I can feel it coming.

– I didn’t have the balls to try flairs at woodward, but i’m pretty sure I’ll be able to learn them this year.

– Pushups are going well. I’ve been staying in good shape, so I should be able to reach 100 by around summer.

– I’ll either need to get a lot more productive while I’m on my computer or get lucky to make $50,000 this year. I’m very easily distracted.

– I’m not sure about the future of Donkit. Both Kjell and I haven’t had a chance to put much time into it lately.

– The odds are obviously against me winning $5,000 in a poker tournament, but I’m not ruling this one out just yet.

You’re missing out on an incredibly fun game if you don’t play Pot Limit Omaha. It’s where all the nuts and tilting players go to throw around their money.

The key in Omaha is to find a really good table. It’s worth the extra time to scope out a few tables to find the nutty players.

The best tables have at least one player who thinks their hold’em hands are good or someone raising every hand preflop. For some reason when a player always bets the pot preflop, it triggers an effect where every other player must call to see the flop.

The worst is the table full of nut-peddlers. Everyone limps in preflop and plays passively unless they have the nuts or close to it. The only time you’ll see any action is when one player has a royal flush and the other has quads. Even then both players are likely to check the river.

Once you find a juicy table and start taking notes on players, it gets hard to leave. The mistakes people make are usually so obvious that you can often accurately put them on a hand.

The best is when you find players who only raise preflop with AAxx. You can usually split them into two categories post flop: The ones that continue to bet the pot no matter what the flop is and others who check/fold if they don’t improve. Either way you should almost always call preflop if you have a decent hand, because chances are they won’t improve and AAxx isn’t to much better then an average omaha hand.…

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Rickey sbobet be Rickey.


As a young left handed pitcher, my favorite pro was a crafty verteran with what I assumed was a similar delivery. I actually chose Steve Carlton as my baseball idol before I saw him play, I just admired the statistics on the back of his card. I’d happily swap any of the big rookies, and their more valuable debut cards, to my equally nerdy friends just for a late career action photo of a man who played the way I wanted to.

Rickey Henderson was different. I’ve never been fast and I’d only bat leadoff if the previous inning ended with our 6th man. We’d have those long debates up in my room about who was the better base stealer, and I’d take anyone over the arrogant swagger of the longtime sbobet A. The better the numbers on the back of Rickey’s card, the more I wanted them out of my hands as if each base hit was another burning degree.


When Rickey played his last big league game in 2003, he had the best stats of any leadoff hitter EVER. Baseball loves statistics and in more than 100 years of record keeping history, Rickey is one of the best. Just look :





CAREER HR —- 297

For those of you who aren’t big baseball dorks, those numbers have very special signifigance. Rickey Henderson is one of the greatest players off all time and is a certain first ballot hall of famer.


We’ve discussed this before. I’m am an absolutely horrible poker player. At Bradoween last weekend there was only one thing EVERYONE could agree on. “G-Rob is the worst player here.”

That said, it seems unlikely that I’d find much in common with the best leadoff hitter of all time. But I think Rickey B. Rickey is the best hero a poker novice can have. You want to play poker? Are you a Pro? If not, Rickey is the man for you.


Here’s something I found interesting on the BLOG “Nickel and Dimes”:

My particular struggle is “where I am at?” as I’ve stated quite a few times recently. Should I be looking for higher stakes games despite a bankroll that’s been stagnant for several months now? I win a little, then lose a little, win a stack or two, then lose it the next night. I feel like I’m chasing my own tail despite learning more about the game…

I think we’ve all been there. It seems like with all we’ve studied and learned we should be moving farther, faster than we are. I’ve read a few books and played more than a few hands of poker, both virtual and virtually illegal. My game has certainly improved and I’ve taken a few stabs at bigger limits. but I’m not playing for substantially more than I was a long time ago. Why go on?


Like I said, Rickey left the BIG LEAGUES in 2003. But he still plays baseball. I found this quote from some TV station website…

Rickey Henderson, on playing baseball for the Newark Bears at age 45: “God gave me this body, this gift, these skills to play this sport. Until He says, ‘Enough,’ this is what I’m supoosed to be doing.”

That’s when he played minor league ball…in Newark. Not many players with the careers…or the money…he has would ever consider such a demeaning downgrade. Perhaps its because he knew another move was coming….San Diego.


CJ was right. This dope is the commenter of the year :



Two things: Firsat, he left this comment on my post, and on Al’s. Of all the bloggers in all the world, WE take it too seriously? Wow! Odd Choice. Second, he went on to call AL a fat turd. I’m way fatter than Al. Get your facts straight bub!

It is odd to be criticized for taking a game so seriously. We’ve all heard it in one form or another.

There are those who consider it “gambling” and despise it as such.

There are those who see it as nothing but a card game, and thus, not worth ANY investment of time.

There are those who think going the extra mile, to write a free blog on the subject, is particularly lame.

They’re absolutly right. It’s almost as stupid as extending Little League baseball into a full time job.


This year Rickey Henderson is batting .267 as the leadoff hitter in San Diego. He’s not eligible for the baseball Hall of Fame until 5 years after he retires, but he refuses to do so. It’s true, he still has skills, but more importantly he LOVES to play the game. That’s why he’s a SURF DAWG.

The Surf Dawgs are in the Golden Baseball League. It’s not even Single A minor league ball. It’s totally independant of the major league clubs, and there’s vitrtually NO chance of any player in the entire league EVER making any impact on the Big Leagues. So why in God’s name would Rickey play? This is from the LA Times :

“I don’t need anything,” said Henderson, before the first of a three-game series against the Long Beach Armada at Blair Field. “Everything I need, I’ve been blessed to have. The love and the passion has to be there for me to still play the game way down here.”

Rickey has no hope of moving up in limits. He’s not looking for more fame. The MAXIMUM salary in this league is $3000/month. Rickey used to buff Otis’ forehead with $3000, but he loves baseball and he takes it very seriously. Got a problem with that?…

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Question About Heads Up? Ask The Steinbergs!


Max and Danny Steinberg are probably the most successful identical twins in bandar judi pulsa today, if not ever. They both have a slew of achievements and poker earnings under their name and have been playing poker professionally for the past 4 years.

Max Steinberg plays under the name RunItTrim on Full Tilt Poker and redgrape on PokerStars.  Danny Steinberg is known as Mirttnur on Full Tilt and heybude on PokerStars.  Both are known and feared for their relentless aggression.

Although the Steinbergs mainly play online, they are known for their live tournament accomplishments as well.  In 2008, Max finished 2nd for $144,773 in the LAPT Cost Rica main event.  He also was one away from an WSOP bracelet in 2010, finishing 2nd in event 8 for $352,916.  Most recently, Danny finished 6th in the WSOP Europe Main Event and earned $254,935 for his efforts.  He also has other cashes in the WSOP.

Recently, Max, who is known as Numbr2intheWorld and moderator of the heads up section on the FTR forums, posted a thread titled Ask me anything about headsup.  This is a great opportunity to learn from one of the top heads up players online today, so make sure to pick his brain!  Who knows how long this thread will last and be open for discussion, so make sure to act fast.

If you want to hear more from the Steinbergs, make sure to check out their blog at!  They post all of their poker updates here, talk poker strategy, and discuss interesting hands.

These are extraordinary methods, and work best in live games. Getting an opponent on tilt is a lot more rewarding in lives games, too. There’s nothing like the grunts, facial ticks, and the defensive “What the hell bro?!” of an on-tilt, chip-bleeding, crashing-to-the-ground poker player. It’s like music to my chips.

Here for you, from my secret vault of dishonorable tactics, are 9 proven methods to put your opponent on tilt:

Make an amazing bet which convinces your opponent that you really do have the best hand! Then show your bluff. Include with a wry comment like, “Please come again.”

Insult your opponent. One of the oldest war tactics, used by conquering heroes since the earth was young. I suggest making “hee-haw!” sounds after a player plays a hand poorly. Or pull out this little gem: “If you were twice as smart, you’d still be a stupid player.”

Slow roll. That’s when you’ve got the nuts, pretend your opponent has won, force him show his hand first, and then make a big deal of turning your monster, winning hand over. It’s a jerk thing to do, and a fantastic method to put your opponent on tilt.

Read your opponent’s hand. Then call it out. If you’re able to correctly call out your opponent’s hands a few times, they won’t be playing you with a logical strategy. They’ll play back at you with a defensive “I’ve got to eliminate this player because he has me read” strategy. Also known as “slow motion train wreck” strategy. Let their chips derail into your stack.

Talk incessantly in a high pitched and/or nasal voice.

Talk about your cats, what you fed them for breakfast, what time you are going to walk them later, how many friends your cats have, and the three books of history behind your furry friend’s name. (You don’t need a cat to do this. Just a terrible story nobody wants to hear.)

Bonus! Tell your cat story in a high pitched, nasal voice after slow rolling your opponent.

Act like you’re about to throw your hand away, gesturing repetitively with your cards as if you’re about to release them towards the dealer. Then when it gets to you, shove all-in. You’ll upset the table more than a stink bomb in seat 6.

Call the clock on a player who has just been dealt a hand.

Pull this one-liner out after a player who thinks they’re good, loses a big pot: “Ladies and gentleman, this is not a player to learn from.”

If you’ve got any other cruel, callous, or cold-hearted moves to put a player on tilt, let me know in the comments!…

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Avatars that slot hoki growl


Those of you who play on Empire Poker might have heard a growl from across the ethereal poker room last night. It wouldn’t have been hard to spot the source of the noise. It sprung, nay, erupted from th avatar known as Otis.

While I’m the first to defend online poker rooms for the massive task of managing tens of thousands of players at once, I’m also not going to be a mindless shill for them either.

So, please step inside for a rant against my homesite slot hoki and, well, one of its players.

Rant #1: I bought in for this?

In recent days, Empire’s multis have been experiencing a problem so serious that it threatens to discredit the effort to be a serious, reputable poker room. In two consecutive tourneys I’ve played, the entire game locked up. Every player is forced to sit and watch the screen do nothing. If you leave, you lose your buy-in. If you sit there, you’re forced to watch mindless chat among bored players. You’re also forced to watch the blind level go up without having a chance to play. After 30 to 45 minutes, the game springs back to life, but the blinds are a few levels higher. The crapshoot begins.

This fist happened to me when we were two from the money in a 145-player multi. I ended up cashing in 9th place, but I can’t help but think it hurt some of the other players. It happened again last night on the second hand of the tourney. Many of the other players said this has been happening for a while. It’s a major bug in the system and severely discredits Empire’s already weak tourney schedule.

Rant #2: You unbelievable weakling

This is no new problem, but it was the first time it cost me money.

I was in a $200 PL game last night. I raised on the button with AKs. The player UTG re-raised $20. I called. The flop came ATT rainbow. UTG (JacksRHI) bet the pot (~$50+). I thought for all of two seconds. Right now, AA, TT, and AT, and Tx beat me. I figure he’s not going to re-reraise UTG with AT or any other naked T. The only way to know if he’s holding American Airlines or TT is to…of, course, re-raise the amount of the pot.

When he didn’t call for ten seconds, I knew I was out in front. No way he’s going to think that long if he’s holding the boat or quads. But then he didn’t call for another five seconds. Then another five seconds.

The sonofabitch timed out and used his disconnect protection to see of his 77 would turn into a boat. To see those cards fairly, it would’ve cost him the rest of his stack.

My hand held up and I raked a sizable pot. But it should’ve been $87 bigger.

I know some sites have gotten rid of their disconnect protections for tourneys. I’m starting to think they should get rid of them all together. It’s one thing when it only means the difference between winning and losing a few bucks. But when it’s a few hundred bucks, that’s a different story.

Disagree? Wait for it to happen to you.

Rant #3: My atheletic supporter works better than this

After both of these issues happened in the same night, I clicked on the 24-hour support button. I’d noticed several weeks ago that the 24-hour support function was inoperable. Turns out, it still is. When I e-mailed the off-line support about the tourney problem, I didn’t even get an automated response.

True Poker, while replete with flaws, at least always has a host online to answer questions. How in the world Empire can operate without online supoprt is beyond me.

So, there ya go. I’m unhappy with Empire Poker. Perhaps I’m more unhappy because I’m more successful at this site than at any of the others I’ve played. The players are weaker, the pots are easier to rake, and they offer a variety of good games. Their multi-table tourney schedule sucks, but I probably shouldn’t be playing too many multis anyway. Despite the great overlay on Empire’s guaranteed tourneys, my EV is never that great.

I’d be curious to hear what other Empire players think. I’d also be curious to hear from Party players who also play at Empire about which skin they’d rather play at.

Rant ends here. Better writing to come later.…

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Better Book Funnels: How to Engage With Your Readers and Sell More Books!


How are YOU engaging with your readers?

Congratulations. You’ve finished your book! Go you. Now you’re ready to hit ‘publish’ and wait for the millions to roll in, a la 50 Shades of Grey… what’s that you hear? Crickets? Doh!

Writing your story is the easy part, publishing, launching and getting in front of your readers, your raving fans, that’s the part that’s tricky if you’re not sure how to go about it.

Engaging with your readers takes a bit of finesse, a sprinkle of magic and a lot of know-how and can-do mindset. Figure that stuff out, and you’re singing in the rain…

But How?

Let’s show you by telling… meet Joan. She’s an indie author like yourself, writing for the love of writing, telling her stories and sharing her self-published novels with friends and family in the hopes that they’ll share it with their friends and so on.

Only it’s not really panning out that way for her. For some reason, none of her close friends and family seem at all interested in her books! Joan is at a loss as to why this is, and is super frustrated with the lack of support she’s getting. If you are looking forward to translate this content, contact Translation Agencies UK


How on earth is she going to make her millions with such a lack of interest in her books?!

The Solution:

Does this story sound familiar? It sure does to us. Not only are Lise and Liz indie authors who have self-published books themselves, but Lise really struggled with engaging with her readers in the beginning. Crickets were definitely the norm after publishing a couple of books and she was more than a little miffed when even her own family and friends weren’t clamoring to grab a copy of her hard written books. How rude!

Enter the amazing Liz to the rescue! Not only is Liz a self-published author, but she is an amazing people connector and she know’s a thing or two about engagement. Together, we worked on ways to increase not only engagement with Lise’s current readers, but also in drawing new readers into her ‘book funnel.’

Better Book Funnels is all about how to attract readers to your books, entice them to grab your book, “bribe” them with another book and then ‘get’ them with you’re amazing personality, wordsmithing wizadary and all-round indie author awesomeness. Now try saying that three times really fast!

Here’s What’s Inside:

* How to setup a permafree book, including the right strategy for your book business

* How to use Facebook advertising to drive hungry readers to your books

* How to properly engage with your readers with awesome autoresponders, with examples and swipe files!

* Tips on how to set up your author platform and what options are available if you don’t want a website

* Plus much more!

So what’s left to discuss? Grab your copy of Better Book Funnels now and learn all about how to set up engaging autoresponders, permafree strategies and author platform prowess!…

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Paying for College without Student Loans: 6 Tricks to Get through College Debt Free


Paying for college with loans can seriously lower the benefits you end up getting from your degree. That’s because the debt you accumulate in student loans often outweighs the benefits a degree gives. But, if you can find ways of paying for college without going into debt, your degree can actually be an asset that helps you get ahead.

The reason: if you graduate without debt, you are in a better position to take that unpaid internship. You can also afford to hold out for the job you really want instead of taking the first thing that comes along so you’ll be able to start making payments. Here are a few tricks to paying for college without loans so that you can enjoy those opportunities.

#1 Financial Aid & Grants

Both the federal government and states offer financial aid and grants for studying. In no case is it enough to cover all of your costs. In fact, it rarely even covers all of your tuitions. However, it is a huge help. And in combination with other strategies (like scholarships or saving up money before starting), it can help you get through without taking on debt.

These are usually income-based grants so if your family is pretty financially secure, you may not qualify. But there is no harm in applying just to see if you can get anything.

#2 Paying for College with Scholarships & Prizes

Scholarships are a surprisingly underutilized way of paying for college. There are so many scholarships out there. But not a lot of people bother applying for them. The best way to maximize the money earned from this Brassica API is to follow this process:

Check every scholarship resource you can find online.

Dedicate all the time it takes to scour those databases for every scholarship that even remotely sounds like something for you—even if it seems like a long shot.

Make a list of every scholarship you found and organize it by deadline.

Create a schedule for systematically going through your list and applying to every single one. Treat it like a full time job.

Some just require you fill out an application but most will have special requirements like writing essays or even making a video. Take this into consideration when making your schedule.

It’ all about the law of averages. If you apply to hundreds of different scholarships, there’s a pretty good chance you are going to win at least a few of them. And even if those don’t cover the total costs, free money is free money.

#3 Put off College to Save Money

This is a tougher one. But also a really smart one if you are up to the task. Instead of going directly into college after high school, get a job. Live at home and work full time. Living at home will keep your expenses down. If your parents are willing to support you on this plan, you could keep your expenses at zero (because they pay for your gas, food, etc.) and just put every paycheck straight in the bank.

Put that money in a high interest saving account to help it grow a little faster. You can also look for creative ways to save money even faster during this time. And once you have saved up everything, you can go to college and use that money to pay for it.

If you go this route, you can choose to just save up for tuition or you can choose to save for tuition and living expenses. The latter option means you’re not only paying for college but allowing yourself to stop working and focus entirely on your studies for that 4 years. But it will take longer.

#4 Find Creative Side Income Strategies

Whether you use these to earn money while in college or use it to speed up the money saving process beforehand (or both), picking up extra cash on the side is a great method of paying for college.

Here are a few examples of side jobs you could be doing to increase your income:

Drive for Uber, Lyft, or a similar service

Put a room in your apartment up on Airbnb or a similar service


Do yard work

None of these will pay for college on their own. But they can definitely help cushion your bank account and speed up the process of saving up the money you need.

#5 Go to Europe

Many countries in Europe view college education as a human right. This means that tuition is either completely free or so cheap that American students will go green with envy. More importantly, the standards and quality of education at colleges in Europe are comparable to the United States.

So, you’re getting an education just as good as you would in the states. You’re getting it at a fraction of the price. And, you get to live in Europe! It’s one of the most fun ways to get a degree without getting into debt.

The downside is that a lot of grants and scholarships in the United States can’t be applied to foreign universities. But the upside is that you could easily pay all of your expenses while studying with a part time job. That’s because in Europe, paying for college really just means paying for your living expenses while you attend college!

#6 Cut Your Living Expenses

Live at home if possible. If not live in the cheapest place you can (which usually means off campus) and keep your expenses as low as possible. Get roommates. Get as many roommates as you can without going insane. Don’t buy a beautiful set of new furniture. Find as much free or ultra cheap stuff as you can online. People are giving away old furniture all the time. You just have to pick it up.

Don’t take on a car payment. Get a reliable but cheap used car off craigslist. Better yet, get a bike or use public transport so that you don’t have to pay for gas, insurance, and car maintenance.

You know that stereotype of the broke college student living on ramen noodles and reusing plastic utensils rather than buying real silverware? That’s you now. Embrace it. It’ll suck now but it will make for fun stories later on.

Final Word

There’s money out there. You just need to do a little advance planning. Figure out exactly how much you need to pay for college. That includes tuition and living expenses all 4 years. And then use every opportunity you have to get the money for it. Every opportunity except taking on student debt that is!…

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Great Looking Hands


In business, bad looking hands and nails can be a distraction. You make an effort to look your best, attending to your hair and complexion, and protecting your face from sun damage. But your hands can betray years of sun damage and aging, and sometimes their appearance can make you look older and more decrepit than you are – and, in some cases, be a real distraction.



Nail care is simple: just clip your nails neatly then LEAVE THEM ALONE. If you try to clean the space under your nails, you can easily enlarge the space between the nail plate and the nail bed: making matters worse not better.

If you clip, manipulate or pick at the cuticles you will disturb the seal which the cuticle makes between the nail plate and the nail fold, allowing infection and irritation to disturb the nail manufacturing apparatus under the nail fold and causing the nail to grow out with ridges and other unsightly defects. Your fingers and nails will look better if you leave the nail beds and cuticles alone! Read more about nail infection on

Nail polish is OK, nail hardeners should be avoided because they make the nail more brittle and increase the chance of nail breakage and splitting. Some people also develop allergic contact dermatitis to the formaldehyde and formaldehyde-releasing chemicals used in many nail-hardening products.

If you suffer from psoriasis and this is affecting your nails, do not try to force creams and lotions under the nails or under the nail folds. This will not help your problem, and can increase the amount of separation of the nail plate from the nail bed. Carefully controlled injections of anti-inflammatory medicine into the nail fold can be very effective, and are (surprisingly) not very uncomfortable. This is a very useful treatment, which can be repeated as needed, but must be done by a dermatologist skilled in this work. See pictures of nail psoriasis on types of psoriasis


The hands themselves can often be rejuvenated quite easily. Brown spots from sun damage (sometimes wrongly referred to as “liver spots”) can be faded or eliminated by treatment with laser or intense pulsed light (“IPL”). If there is severe sun damage with pre-cancerous spots (commonly seen on old golfers and boaters), Levulan® can be applied and then after an hour it can be activated by treatment with IPL, to track selectively and eliminate pre-cancerous and sun damaged cells from the skin. Creams like Retisol-A 0.01% (which contain both tretinoin and sunscreen) can be very helpful if applied every morning long term to prevent new damage. To learn more about your interest on “cool springs plastic surgery reviews“, check here



In some cases the skin on the back of the hands has become very thin because of sun damage and aging. Restylane® or Sculptra® injections (which take just a few minutes and require no anesthesia) can take years off the appearance of the hands – and also restore the fullness of the skin, reducing the chance of bruising and cuts from minor trauma.


Have a quick look at your hands now. If you like they way they look, resolve to continue to protect your hands and nails from sun damage and from self-inflicted injury to the nails and cuticles. If you want to improve the appearance of your hands, contact your doctor or dermatologist to restore your hands to the appearance your desire.…

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New hk prize Main Event Passport

As usual PokerStars waited until the end of the Spring Championship of Online Poker before rolling out their World Series of hk prize Main Event satellites. The situation is a little different than in past years, however. Actual promotions targeting WSOP in particular are non-existent. There aren’t any bonuses for wearing PokerStars gear during the event, nor are there any final table incentives. In fact, there won’t be any PokerStars representatives in Vegas at all this summer.

This isn’t exactly surprising to those that have followed the news of the April 15th indictments. American players can no longer download PokerStars, so there is no need to advertise in the US. Not to mention that PokerStars has been pulled from all US television networks, so advertising is pretty difficult in the first place.


Players can still win their WSOP Main Event package on PokerStars, although it works a little differently this year. You’ll be playing for a Main Event Passport worth $13,000. If you win one and wish to play in the WSOP Main Event, you will have $13,000 deposited into your PokerStars account.


The fun part is that the WSOP Main Event isn’t your only option. A Main Event Passport allows you to choose from one of several PokerStars tours. You could play in the PCA, EPT, LAPT, or the APPT. All the packages include a Main Event seat and cash for expenses. Some of the packages also include hotel accommodations.


Both the EPT London and PCA packages are actually worth more than $13,000. You won’t need to worry about the difference, though, because PokerStars absorbs the extra costs for you. So you are actually getting a better deal by choosing EPT London or PCA over the others!


In past years, some players made a killing by winning multiple WSOP Main Event satellites. This is because after their first win, every other prize got converted to T$. It won’t be so easy to do that this year. Since there are five different packages for players to choose from, players must win five Main Event Passports before they can have any of the prizes converted to T$.


Despite Black Friday, poker is popular as ever and people are flocking to Vegas in droves. The WSOP fields are going to be huge and some people will make a lot of money. If you are traveling from outside the US and are worried about being able to play online poker while in Vegas, you might try a Bodog Poker download. You’ll be able to access your account anywhere in the world and they offer a 100% deposit bonus.




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FTP Financials Show Phil Ivey Owes Tiltware $6 million


Phil Ivey: the myth, the legend, the Tiger Woods of poker. What does a successful poker player look like? Phil Ivey, right? As it turns out, the popular view of this poker icon might be remarkably different from the truth.

Most readers will be aware of the still-ongoing public spat between Tiltware (the company behind Full Tilt Poker) and Phil Ivey. Phil Ivey chose to boycott the 2011 WSOP until the company processed cash outs for Full Tilt players. Tiltware accused Phil Ivey of being sanctimonious and defensive, and notably, stated that Ivy owed Tiltware a “significant sum” of money.

Most would agree that approximately $6 million would constitute a “significant sum” of money, a figure derived from recently obtained Full Tilt Poker (FTP) financials. The records detail the internal FTP transactions performed on Phil Ivey’s crypto gambling account. Keep in mind that they do not reflect any transactions made outside the company, such as bank wires or transfers between personal accounts. In this way the data is incomplete; however, if the reports do not offer a comprehensive view into FTP financials, they do offer an approximation of where the two parties stand.

Beginning in June 2009 through April 15, 2011 (Black Friday), Phil Ivey was loaned money by FTP eighteen times for a grand total of $10,715,000. These loans were dispersed primarily in groups of $500,000 or $1 million, each of them marked with the word “advance” and many marked with an approval by Rich Bitar, the company’s handler for sponsored pros. Ivey repaid part of the loan, as his account was debited by the company.

The total difference between what Phil Ivey was loaned and what he paid back is $6,215,000. In other words, what he owes Tiltware.

These transactions reveal the nature of Phil Ivey’s relationship with FTP and Tiltware, how the poker site handled its money, and how the owners paid themselves. How Ivey will repay Tiltware, without the constant loans to bankroll his lifestyle and poker playing, is unclear.

Weeks ago, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) suspended Full Tilt Poker’s gambling license. The AGCC has just released a statement that Full Tilt Poker has paid its overdue licensing fees, which will allow the hearings on its suspended license to proceed without hindrance. One giant leap for Full Tilt Poker, one small step towards getting American players’ money back. Reports have listed the total fee at $250,000.

In the statement, the AGCC said that immediately following Black Friday and before suspending the license, it “began immediate discussions with FTP’s management in order to protect the interests of players.” These discussions with Full Tilt Poker management were ultimately fruitless, and it wasn’t until the U.S. Department of Justice seized Full Tilt domain names that the AGCC suspended the license.


The statement covers Full Tilt’s neglecting the licensing fees, until they were past overdue. During a hearing in late July, the AGCC brought up the issue, and demanded that it be dealt with before even considering lifting the suspension on Full Tilt’s gambling license. The two parties stalemated until today, when Full Tilt apparently caved in and put forward the fee.

The statement reads: “At the hearing the Commissioners of the AGCC, acting as a tribunal, decided to adjourn the hearing to a date no later than 15th September, as they felt that this was in the best interest of the players using FTP’s services. The recent payment of overdue license fees by FTP is also in players’ best interests since it allows commercial negotiations to take place that might result in a successful refinancing deal. Further details regarding the exact date and venue of the next hearing will be announced as soon as possible.”

This means that the hearing will continue to move forward and, quite likely, the eventual restoration of Full Tilt’s gambling license. With this in place, the company will be able to complete any takeover or financing deals and one day successfully resume business.…

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