Party slot demo Advent Calendar

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Party slot demo Christmas Promotions‘Tis the season to play poker and Party have a sack full of great tournaments and special offers for you over the holiday period. Choose your Party Poker Bonus Code (choice of 4!), put another log on the fire and settle down for some fantastic action courtesy of Party!

Remaining Party Poker Advent Calendar Events:-

23rd December

Join the $300K Speed Qualifier Freeroll at 1.00pm GMT (8.00am ET) and finish in the top 25 and you’ll win a seat at the $300K at 5.45 pm GMT (12.45 pm ET). This freeroll has a 4,000 limit so keep an eye on that freeroll tab via the lobby.

24th December

1st come 1st served to the $5,000 Christmas Eve Freeroll at 4.00pm GMT (11.00am ET). Keeping looking back at the freeroll tab in the lobby to make sure you catch the announcement of registration! This is going to be a popular freeroll.

25th December

$15,000 Christmas Day Freeroll at 7.00pm GMT ( 2.00pm ET), don’t be a turkey, keep an eye on freerolls tab to ensure your seat. Jingle Bells.

26th December

Magic Hand, there are 25 prizes of $100 to be won, that 50 bucks for the winner of the hand and $50 to be shared by the other players at the table.

27th December

Today there are 20 Surprise Tournaments with $5,000 added to the prize pools. There are 5,000 seats available at random times between 1.00 pm and 1.00am GMT (8.00am and 8.00pm ET). The Tournaments will be announced 30 mins prior to start time in the lobby.

28th December

Solo Point Tournament – just earn one Party Poker Point today and you will be given an entry to a $2,500 freeroll tomorrow (29th) at 7.00pm GMT (2.00pm ET).

29th December

Magic Hand Special, for a whole day every 100,000th hand dealt will be a winner. Between 05.01am non the 29th to 04.59am GMT on the 30th, (00.01am ET til 11.59pm ET) there are around 25 prizes of $100 or $50 going to the winner of the hand and $50 to share on the table.

30th December

End of Year Freeroll at 7.00pm GMT (2.00pm ET) worth a generous prize pool of $15,000, 1st come 1st served go keep checking the lobby then freeroll tab for announcement of registration as this is one freeroll not to be missed. Happy New Year!

So, give yourself a present and take advantage of these fantastic offers from Party Poker. If you’ve never played at Party, visit our Party Poker Review and choose a first deposit bonus to suit you (4 bonus codes to choose from!).


Best advice – to play in these freerolls keep an eye on the freeroll tab in the lobby to make sure you know the moment the tournaments are announced so you can register.


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