Better Book Funnels: How to Engage With Your Readers and Sell More Books!

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How are YOU engaging with your readers?

Congratulations. You’ve finished your book! Go you. Now you’re ready to hit ‘publish’ and wait for the millions to roll in, a la 50 Shades of Grey… what’s that you hear? Crickets? Doh!

Writing your story is the easy part, publishing, launching and getting in front of your readers, your raving fans, that’s the part that’s tricky if you’re not sure how to go about it.

Engaging with your readers takes a bit of finesse, a sprinkle of magic and a lot of know-how and can-do mindset. Figure that stuff out, and you’re singing in the rain…

But How?

Let’s show you by telling… meet Joan. She’s an indie author like yourself, writing for the love of writing, telling her stories and sharing her self-published novels with friends and family in the hopes that they’ll share it with their friends and so on.

Only it’s not really panning out that way for her. For some reason, none of her close friends and family seem at all interested in her books! Joan is at a loss as to why this is, and is super frustrated with the lack of support she’s getting. If you are looking forward to translate this content, contact Translation Agencies UK


How on earth is she going to make her millions with such a lack of interest in her books?!

The Solution:

Does this story sound familiar? It sure does to us. Not only are Lise and Liz indie authors who have self-published books themselves, but Lise really struggled with engaging with her readers in the beginning. Crickets were definitely the norm after publishing a couple of books and she was more than a little miffed when even her own family and friends weren’t clamoring to grab a copy of her hard written books. How rude!

Enter the amazing Liz to the rescue! Not only is Liz a self-published author, but she is an amazing people connector and she know’s a thing or two about engagement. Together, we worked on ways to increase not only engagement with Lise’s current readers, but also in drawing new readers into her ‘book funnel.’

Better Book Funnels is all about how to attract readers to your books, entice them to grab your book, “bribe” them with another book and then ‘get’ them with you’re amazing personality, wordsmithing wizadary and all-round indie author awesomeness. Now try saying that three times really fast!

Here’s What’s Inside:

* How to setup a permafree book, including the right strategy for your book business

* How to use Facebook advertising to drive hungry readers to your books

* How to properly engage with your readers with awesome autoresponders, with examples and swipe files!

* Tips on how to set up your author platform and what options are available if you don’t want a website

* Plus much more!

So what’s left to discuss? Grab your copy of Better Book Funnels now and learn all about how to set up engaging autoresponders, permafree strategies and author platform prowess!


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